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Zeb Atlas Nude Male Model

Pictures authorized specifically by Colt Studio

Tod Parker

Hobbies: Working out, scuba diving, running with my dogs, football, surfing

Sports: Football, track

Special Interests:

Personal Accomplishments:  A degree in kinesiology from University of Texas

Marital Status: Single


This good ole' boy hails from the great state of Texas. Like the state, everything about Tod Parker is big. His chest, his smiling grin, and most of all, his pulsing dick. This 29 year old stud was the first COLT Man Exclusive signed by John Rutherford.


More on Tod Parker Below

 Sexual Preferences:







Houston, TX
zodiac:   Leo




210 lbs.












19 ½”

body hair: 

hairy chest, legs, arms

body Type: 





8" cut


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   Welcome to The Colt Stable of Men are back bigger than ever Over 36 years of Colt Men Photos. Come inside to experience the hottest man-on-man action. Live streaming videos 24/7, All Hardcore. All the time, Access to Pete Kuzak, Carl Hardwick, Tom Chase and other hot COLT Men! See for yourself.



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Tod Parker's Cock  | 9" Tod Parker cock | 2" girth | Suction cup |

Take hold of Tod Parker's cock and we bet you'll never let it go! Colt presents the genuine cast of Tod Parker's 9" robust cock with 2" girth!
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Colt Men, Issue #40

See the men of Reload in gorgeous photo layouts, complete with model stats, in this latest issue of Colt Men. Color and black-and-white photos of dicks, ass, abs and muscle combine for an experience that effortlessly weds Colt's classic style with a new generation of studs. Includes action stills from Reload!


Studio: Colt Studio
Starring: Tod Parker, Chase Hunter, Dave Angelo, Adam Dexter, Lane Fuller, Jake Gianelli, Alex Lemonde, Ray Dragon, Marcus Iron, Trey Rexx, Rob Romoni



Unzipped magazine February 2004
Sure, it took some greasing of the palms (among other things), but we managed to get five exclusives from five major studios plus three more of our fave porn stars into one bed. And you can't have a proper porn party without including legendary director Chi Chi LaRue. We have words with all the guys inside, and we have naked pics of everyone, too (except Chi Chi--she's very modest). Also in this issue, gold-digging whores and the sugar daddies who covet them, breaking the cycle of relationships-gone-wrong this Valentine's Day, eight simple rules for seducing a horny audience, the return of Jack Simmons, human dogs for dummies, hooking up deep in the heart of Texas, foreskin faux pas and much, much more!


Featuring: Collin O'Neal, Johnny Hazzard, Tag Adams, Marcus Allen, Chris Steele, Jason Ridge, Josh Weston, Tod Parker, Chi Chi LaRue



In Bed With (DVD / VHS)

For the first time in porn history, five exclusive stars from five different studios get it on in one explosive hardcore feature! Colt Studio (Tod Parker), Falcon Studios (Josh Weston), Hot House Entertainment (Collin O'Neal), Rascal Video (Johnny Hazzard) and Studio 2000 (Marcus Allen) have each loaned an exclusive star to this unique endeavor, setting them loose on a movie set with the inimitable Chi Chi LaRue at the helm! Joining these white-hot studio exclusives, Jason Ridge, Tag Adams and Chris Steele round out the triple-X action. Check out what happens when these eight randy studs find themselves in the same nut-busting movie. It's the buzz of the industry!


Studio: Unzipped Video
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Tod Parker, Josh Weston, Collin O'Neal, Johnny Hazzard, Marcus Allen, Jason Ridge, Tag Adams, Chris Steele


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  Colt Studio Movies / DVDs


Studio: Colt Studio
Director: John Rutherford
Themes: Body/facial Hair, Group Scene - Orgy, Poolside, Solo Scene/masturbation, Sucking, Three-way, Two-way

Starring:  Tod Parker, Dave Angelo,  Adam Dexter, Chase Hunter, Lane Fuller, Marcus Iron, Jake Gianelli, Ray Dragon, Alex LeMonde, Rob Romoni, Trey Rexx, Matt Colmar

When longtime Falcon president and ace director John Rutherford left the studio to purchase Colt, many in the porn world wondered whether the historic studio would maintain its essential Colt-ness. The first Rutherford-directed Colt feature, Reload, is here to assure a very bright future for the studio. This full-length feature combines the high-end production values and beefy models you’ve come to expect from Colt with some welcome Rutherford touches.

Five scenes evolve from original Rip Colt drawings and photographs. See handsome studs Marcus Iron and Alex LeMonde devour each other as if there’s no camera in sight--pumping, licking, smelling and fully enjoying each other in an intimate, manly moment.

New Colt Exclusive Tod Parker is introduced in the second scene. Tod gets it on good with muscle man Jake Gianelli and blonde bottom Trey Rexx. The three suck, fuck and come all over themselves!

The next scene pays homage to a Colt institution--the hotter than hot solo scene. Those of you who think solo scenes are boring have never seen them Colt-style.  Adam Dexter takes it all off, up close and personal, in this hot and sweaty solo scene. Award-winning cameraman Todd Montgomery really knows how to get in there and treat us to every jaw-dropping angle.


  The next scene stars Colt favorites Ray Dragon and Dave Angelo along with stars Rob Romoni, Marcus Iron and newcomer Matt Colmar. These men pound each other above and below the waterline while the camera captures some fantastic underwater footage, including come shots!

This wouldn’t be a Rutherford movie without some sun and fun poolside. See Lane Fuller get hosed by studly Chase Hunter. Lane takes an enema like a champ, and Chase makes him spray it long and hard until he’s ready for Chase's big 9-incher! Then they suck, fuck and eat ass until they go limp in each others arms.

Reload is bound to be a huge contender at the 2004 GayVN Awards. Here's your chance to be one of the first to see this classic in the making.


DVD | 2004 | 90 Min |

Studio: Colt Studios
Director: John Rutherford

Themes: Body/facial Hair, Bondage, Cigar Smoking, Dildos, Double Anal Penetration, Group Scene - Orgy, Interracial, Leather, Spitting, Sucking, Two-way
Starring: Dave Angelo,  Adam Dexter, Toby O'Connor, Andreas Stern, Jake Marshall, Ross Taylor, Hal Rodman, Tony Dancer, Leo Bramm, Diego De La Hoya, Todd Maxwell, Bo Knight

Hog: The Leather File is the essence of COLT. A smack across your ass, a hand twisting your tits, a stiff cock forcing your hole open...you know what turns you on. And so does John Rutherford. This new feature captures the intensity of sex between men who live their lives in leather on bikes known as Hogs. Come explore leather, cigar smoking, spitting, dildos, bondage, plus all the fucking double penetration, sucking and big cocks you'd expect from COLT.


Colt Big N' Plenty

| DVD | 2004 | 101 min |

Studio: Colt Studios
Director: John Rutherford

Themes: Body/facial Hair, Dildos, Flexing/posing, Interracial, Leather, Solo Scene/masturbation, Sucking, Three-way, Two-way

Starring: Edu Boxer, Carlo Masi, Karim, Dave Angelo, Adam Dexter, Mark Williams, Dason Ripley,  Marcus Iron, Lee Young, Sam Shadon

Courtesy of Colt Studio press notes: The five sex-soaked scenes of Big 'N Plenty are brought to throbbing life by a great cast of five Colt Men (three appearing in video for the first time) and five other Colt Exclusives. Highlights include: a bartender serves much more than beer as part of a threesome who set the bar on fire with their sexual pyrotechnics; a customer in a leather shop discovers that leather isn't the only hot black thing that he gets to try on for size; a young stud takes out a hard rubber partner and gives us a lesson in dildonics that makes moist spots appear on the crotch of even the most stoic viewer; two hunks enjoy a game of strip pool, slowly losing their clothes and getting increasingly turned on (Though the two never touch, the sexual tension builds to a giant eruption that you'll remember every time you look at a pool table.); and a kitchen scene gay men have always wanted to see on the Naked Chef, with one man using his heat probe to cook another from the inside out!



Minute Man 21 (DVD)
| DVD | 2004 | 90 Min |

Studio: Colt Studios
Director: John Rutherford
Themes: Body/facial Hair, Flexing/posing, Solo Scene/masturbation, Working Out

Starring: Tod Parker, Edu Boxer, Todd Maxwell

COLT welcomes you to the all-new COLT Men of the minute man series! The iconic studio that continues to set the standards for high-quality male solo movies saddles up with critically-acclaimed director John Rutherford and a stampede of COLT Men superstars. COLT continues to raise the bar for the ultimate in hot voyeuristic man-action.
Get your weapons cocked and ready, then take a long, hard aim at the new COLT minute man series.



Colt Couples II (DVD)

| DVD | 2004 | 90 Min |

Studio: Colt Studios
Director: John Rutherford
Starring: Jake Andrews, Cannon, Tod Parker, Carlos Morales, Ray Dragon, Todd Maxwell, Felipe

Like your COLTstuds two at a time? Then Colt Couples II is for you! This man-to-man DVD features some of the hottest one-on-one action in COLT'S library.


BuckleRoos Part 1 (DVD)

| DVD | 2004 | 90 Min |

Studio: Buckshot Productions
Director: John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas
Starring: Dean Phoenix, Arpad Miklos, Chris Wade, Ricky Martinez, Edu Boxer, Jake Andrews, Diego De La Hoya, Mike Dasher, Owen Hawk, Todd Maxwell, Sam Shadon, Josh Hardman, Brad Benton, Zak Spears and Marcus Iron

BuckleRoos is a historic turning point in adult man-on-man action videos. This big budget two-part western feature is the long awaited joint project of multiple award-winning producer/director John Rutherford and award-winning screenwriter/director Jerry Douglas.
Its top-notch 22 man cast and ten super-charged sex scenes are laced with meaningful dialogue that creates a story unlike that of any previous man-on-man feature.

This two-part sexstravaganza has characters that viewers will care about and identify with...giving more impact to the potent sexual action and dialogue co-directed by John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas.


Open House (DVD)

| DVD | 2003 | 30 min |

Studio: Colt Studio
Director: Rip Colt
Starring: Tom Chase, Erik Korngold

The on-screen return of Tom Chase!
This has got to be the wildest real estate deal ever recorded. Tom Chase is a successful agent in Palm Springs. When he receives a call from a man who wants to buy a property which has to have some privacy, he knows just the house to show.
Being a professional, Tom has come to expect surprises. Even so, the ultimate test of that has got to be his newest client--Erik Korngold. Masking his reaction to the massive Erik, Tom moves along showing the grounds and then the interior. He is determined to make a sale and Erik is just as focused but in another direction.
The house has been closed for some time and is warm, so Tom removes his jacket. He notices Erik sending him sexual vbes--but the sale must go on, right? When Erik peels off his heavy leather jacket, the air is charged with masculine electricity.


BuckleRoos 2 (DVD)
Hot man on man action.


Follow these studs as they continue their Western journey along with their hot and big dicked co-stars.

From: Buckshot Productions
Year: 2004
Length: 134 Minutes
Director: John Rutherford
Starring: Dave Angelo, Sammy Case, Owen Hawk, Ty Hudson, Marcus Iron, Jason Kennedy, Hank Locklear, Dean Phoenix, Andrew Rubio, Timmy Thomas
Themes: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Cowboys (Westerns), Cum (Lots Of), Large Cocks, Masturbation, Oral Sex


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Name: Tod Parker

Birthday: 1/22/76

Hometown: Tyler, TX

Current Residence: Houston, TX

Zodiac: Aquarias

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 210lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Chest: 48”

Waist: 31”

Legs: 27”

Arms: 19 ½”

Body Hair: Chest, Arms, Legs

Body Type: Bodybuilder

Sexuality: Bisexual

Endowment: 8”

Cut/Uncut: Cut

Hobbies: Working out, scuba diving, running with my dogs, football, surfing

Sports: Football, track

Special Interests:

Personal Accomplishments:  A degree in kinesiology from University of Texas

Marital Status: Single




When was your first gay sexual experience?  25 years old


How did you get in this industry?  I knew that I could do amazing things with my body and when a photographer approached me, I did some photo shoots.  From there, my pictures were sent to COLT.  And the rest is history.


What is the hottest off-screen encounter you’ve had?  On the beach with two other models in Miami.  Let’s just say it was the beach, the stars, the crashing waves, and me.  It was heaven.


What is in your CD player right now?  Led Zeppelin


Boxers or briefs?  Boxers


Is there one part of your body that you love the most?  Hate the most?  I really like my ass.  I don’t hate any part of my body….I’ve worked so hard at making each part of my body the best it can be.


Three words that describe you.  Small town.  Manly.  Strong.


Why do you make COLT videos?  It’s exciting to work with other COLT models, the staff, and the great locations we shoot in.


What comes to mind when you think about COLT?  Large Muscular Men


What do you look for in a guy?  What is the best part of the male body?  I’m into guys that take care of themselves—both in their mind and in their body.  I’m really into guys with hot legs.





Who are your favorite porn performers to have sex with?  I really enjoy having sex with Jake Gianelli.  He’s got a tough exterior, but a really cool guy.

What are your favorite scenes you've done so far? What made them so memorable?  My scene is RELOAD was great.  I really enjoyed topping Trey Rexx.  What I thought made the scene so memorable was the ability to act out all the fantasies I had stored in my head.

Are you a top, bottom or versatile?  Top

Are you in a relationship or looking for Mr. Right?  I’m up for whatever comes up.  In the meantime, I’m just having fun.

What would make someone Mr. Right for you?  A good attitude.

What would you like your fans to think when they see this nude layout of you? This is the best body I’ve ever seen.

Is there any type of sex you'd like to try but haven't yet? I’ll let you know when it happens.

How would you describe yourself?   Outgoing, personable, fun-loving.

What are your future plans?  I’d currently studying to work in the healthcare profession.  I’d like to become either a registered nurse or a doctor someday.

Do you work as an escort? Yes.




What's your favorite word?  Love
What's your least favorite word?  Hate
What turns you on?  A good body
What turns you off?  A bad attitude
What sound do you love?  Ocean waves crashing
What sound do you hate?  Fighting
What is your favorite curse word?  Fuck
What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?  Nursing

What profession would you like not to participate in?  Law Enforcement

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  Welcome to my kingdom!







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  COLT Butt Beautiful Calendar 2005

| Four 12-month calendars | Full Color | 9 X 12 |
Studio: COLT Studios

A nice muscular butt...there's nothing like it! Your eyes drop and look. A smile comes to your face. You want to touch, fondle, and maybe even kiss it. Unfortunately, you usually can't unless you're unusually lucky! But now you can kiss some beautiful ass each and every day in 2005!  Gathered here are 12 of the most beautiful butts from the muscular world of Colt!   More Male Calendars


COLT Cowboy Calendar 2005

| Four 12-month calendars | Full Color | 9 X 12 |
COLT Studios

Ride 'em cowboy!
It's a phrase that's a part of America. From the wide open range to the urban canyons...cowboys walk among us...and grab our eyes. Whether you want a cowboy to ride...or a cowboy to ride you...you'll find a reason to regularly check your Colt studio Cowboy Calendar   
More Male Calendars


COLT Hairy Chested Men 2005

| Four 12-month calendars | Full Color | 9 X 12 |
COLT Studios

For untold generations boys have aspired to grow up with that ultimate symbol of masculinity, a hairy chest. They've been told to eat certain foods because "It'll put hair on your chest!" Here are 12 Colt Men who obviously have done everything right to give them the perfect Colt Bodies!
A new field of fur for your eyes to play in each and every month!     
More Male Calendars


COLT Leather Calendar 2005

| Four 12-month calendars | Stunning Photography | 9 X 12 |
COLT Studios

What feels better? The supple feel of strong black leather on a man's body, or the man's body itself when he's aroused by the feel of that leather? Luckily, your eyes don't have to make that choice. The combination in Colt's Leather Calendar 2005 speaks for itself!       
More Male Calendars


COLT Men Calendar 2005

| Four 12-month calendars | Full Color | 9 X 12 |
COLT Studios

Only one studio celebrates the truly masculine man. Natural muscles at the peak of development. A look that says, "I'm a natural man and I'm comfortable in my well developed skin." It's the look of a Colt man. Singular. Special. Hot. It's the look of a Colt Men Calendar 2005!       
More Male Calendars

  COLT Naked Muscles 2005

| Four 12-month calendars | Full Color | 9 X 12 |
COLT Studios

The perfected male body is raised to the form of art. Michelangelo invented it in the high renaissance...Colt Studio carries on the tradition into 2005!               
More Male Calendars


Colt Men 2004 Calendar

| 12-month calendar | Full color | 9 X 12 |

Colt Studio
Starring: John Antorino, Joel Hancock, Elian Cortez, Rick Warfield, Beau Wheeler, Gardener Shore, Doug Reed, Sam Koenig, Haus, Joe Reitano, Neal Kennit, Franco Corelli

Muscles are the medium here (all kinds of muscles) and you'll find them reassuring in times of stress. When things get a little crazy, give yourself a time out with your Colt man of the month. He'll remind you what the real priorities in life are!             
More Male Calendars


Colt Men in Uniform 2004

| 12-month calendar | Full color | 9 X 12 |

Colt Studio
Starring: Wade Neff, Don Arden, Scott Sloane,
Steve Kelso, Al Scolfield, Helmut Kross, Matt Horner, Roger Holtz, Frank Vickers, Ken Ryker, Cameron Hugg, Hank Ditmar, Beau Wheeler

Colt's inaugural Men in Uniform calendar presents the kind of man we depend on, whether he's an airline pilot, a football halfback, a fireman, a marine, or someone else in charge of our health, protection, well being...or fun!
Colt has collected a stunning group of uniformed honchos for 2004. Let's hope that the sense of security that is their trademark will help you shoulder your way through the coming year.          
More Male Calendars


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