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Carlos Morales

   Carlos has the best butt in porn today. His no-limits ass
is astonishing! This guy may very well be the hottest Latin
model working today. A real charmer!"

-Chris Ward


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   I should start saying that I am from Venezuela and I came to the States 10 years ago. I came to New York City looking for what most of us are looking for, a chance of a better life and some success. When my friends asked me what I wanted to do, the only thing I could think of was being a dancer, not only because I have training as one (not that I was going to need it anyway doing that kind of dancing) but also because I like the attention and the good times that would come with it.

   Shortly after I started dancing at The Gayety Theater in Times Square. One thing led to another and before I knew I was modeling for a photographer that worked for a small gay publication called HX. The owners of HX are Matthew Bank and Marc Berkley. Marc Berkley also happens to be one of the most successful club promoters in NYC. Things went well and I started Go-Go dancing at some of his parties and met other dancers and made connections about where to dance. On the first year in NY I was already dancing at the biggest clubs and events in NY, who would have thought? Then a few photo shoots here and there and later on getting to dance at the Roxy every other week, and I became really popular.

   It was always a desire of mine to make porn, at least one video to see what it was like. So I did. I worked with Kristen Bjorn in 1996. When Marc Berkley knew this he was fascinated by that, I was on the cover of his magazine and flyers for his parties a lot. It was like some kind of game, every week a new photo would come out and my dancing gigs were getting more and more successful. I was dancing from 5 to 6 times a week, which itís a lot.  I am probably the longest running dancer in NYC.

   I wanted to stop several times, but the money kept coming in, and I had a good time with it, too, so why stop? When you dance like that you burn out really quick, itís not fun anymore after you do it for a while and eventually people get tired of seeing the same body all the time, thatís why so many dancers get over it so quick. By the time that was happening to me I started doing more porn, so the name started getting out there and I became even more popular. Itís funny, because I didnít think it would be like that at all. And of course, it wasnít always fun. There are a lot of problems that come with that lifestyle, there are lots of drugs related to that business, and people can get really annoying and obnoxious. But hey, it was my job, and all the bills were being paid with that money.

   Eventually I had to take breaks of course, some bartending on Fire Island, and other jobs too just to keep myself busy and out of that world for a while. I can say now that I had my time as a dancer in NYC. And itís just reserved now for very special occasions. And I did have fun doing it; I found a way to give people exactly what they were looking for. It took a while but I did it, and if you havenít seen me perform, youíre missing something real good. Guaranteed.

   Itís been also great the chance to go so many places and getting to know so many people; New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Montreal, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Benidorm, Valencia, Granada and even in my own country, back in Venezuela.  It sure has been one hell of a ride.


























































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